Krypton Solutions provides award-winning technology

Some businesses go years or even decades struggling to find the one differentiating factor that ultimately defines the organization. Plano, Texas-based Krypton Solutions is unique because of the firm’s exceptional ability to form strong bonds of loyalty with customers and employees alike.

“The relationships we have developed go well beyond typical customer-supplier or employer-employee relationships,” said co-founder and CEO Suresh Patel. “There is a dedication and appreciation for each other on both sides. When you couple a true appreciation for the customer with our dedicated employees who simply operate on excellence, you have the perfect winning combination for success.”

The four brothers who own Krypton Solutions operate the business together every day.

“We have a very deep-rooted bond of respect and appreciation for one another,” Suresh Patel said. “As a result, we are dedicated to the success of the company and are clearly focused on a common goal at all times.”

Krypton Solutions has also internally developed intellectual property, resulting in a unique manufacturing system that allows the firm to produce defect-free boards.

“We are fortunate to have an exceptionally strong technical staff, including five electrical engineers, which is unique in the industry,” he said. “We are a technical asset and partner that the customer can rely on to ensure their new design will meet or exceed their expectations and specifications.”

Embracing opportunities

Krypton Solutions’ recent successes with Texas Instruments are a prime example of the firm’s ability to develop, maintain and foster mutually beneficial relationships. In 2006, TI was faced with an engineering challenge, and they asked Krypton Solutions for assistance — which opened the door to future opportunities.

Today, Krypton Solutions manufactures evaluation modules — printed circuit boards designed to show off TI’s newest devices. TI selected Krypton Solutions as one of three turn-key printed circuit board suppliers of enterprise volume management systems for its High-Performance Analog Group.

“The TI devices that we build the EVMs for are currently the most leading-edge products on the market today, and we are proud and honored to have been selected to partner with TI on this work,” Patel said.

Krypton Solutions’ desire to be a great supplier with a diverse portfolio of offerings sets them apart from others, explained Natasha Singleton, TI procurement manager for WW test hardware.

“TI is dedicated to providing opportunities to ethical suppliers with great quality products and good customer service,” she said. “Essentially, we want the same from our suppliers as our customers expect from us.”

In order for companies to survive and remain viable in any economy, it is important to have more than one revenue stream, Singleton explained. “Krypton Solutions made it through a difficult time in our economy last year because they are insightful and dedicated to a broad customer base,” she said.

Proper perspective

As a young engineering-solutions provider, Krypton Solutions has faced its share of challenges and growing pains. However, as Patel explained, the organization thrives on solving problems and rightfully expects new challenges daily. For instance, as with any fast-growing company, logistic challenges are a reality.

“Since we are in the business of solving problems, these types of challenges become just one more project on the table until resolved,” he said.

In just its second year, Krypton Solutions outgrew its 7,000 sq. ft. facility, prompting the construction of a custom-built 40,000 sq. ft. facility. And, in the firm’s third year, the brothers decided to purchase all new equipment — understandably a tremendous, yet calculated, risk in a down economy.

“The expansion alone was quite an accomplishment, but it must be noted that we did this while maintaining 98 percent customer satisfaction and 95 percent employee retention over the last three years,” Suresh Patel said. “We welcome challenges, each one providing us a new opportunity to rise up and shine.”

The ISO 9000-, ISO 13485- and AS9100-certified Krypton Solutions’ efforts have not gone unnoticed. For instance, Krypton Solutions has earned the Circuits Assembly Customer Service Excellence Award the last two years, in addition to honors within the Collin County Celebration of Enterprise “emerging” category. Krypton Solutions was also selected as one of six local companies to participate in TI’s Minority/Women Business Development Initiative.

Extended family

Patel told Minority Business News that the employees at Krypton Solutions have been the key to the company’s success.

“Our employees go the extra mile for us, knowing we would do the same for them. We are committed to keeping every employee well-trained and up-to-date on the company at all times,” he said.

To accomplish this goal, Krypton Solutions hosts a monthly companywide luncheon for its team to communicate the details of how the company is doing, announce any new plans and share company goals and objectives.

“It is a very interactive forum, allowing everyone an opportunity to put their two cents in. After all, many of our best ideas come from our employees.”

As a prime example, Krypton Solutions has seen real success with its suggestion box program. From the suggestion box, Patel determined that employees would prefer to relax in different ways at break time.

“Because we recently built a new facility, we were able to design special break rooms for our employees that they requested, including a game room with a ping pong table, TVs and other fun items. In addition, an exercise room is in the works and so is a library where books are already materializing,” he said. “They put in long hours for us, and we feel they deserve a nice place to relax. We want our employees to feel like Krypton Solutions is a second home.”

The firm also provides employees with constant feedback, allowing for the free flow of information and fostering continuous improvement.

“Because we are an engineering solutions provider, there is never a dull moment,” Patel said. “This makes for a very enriching, learning environment — a place to thrive and a fun place to work for everyone here.”

According to Patel, the sky is the limit for team members.

“Our team members feel secure and are not limited by titles. We know we have a very talented group of employees with substantial experience,” he said. “This team has the mindset to do whatever it takes. We all operate to a common goal, and that is what drives us.”

People also enjoy working with the solid manufacturing and quality systems that are in place at Krypton Solutions, which has allowed the company to grow in an organized fashion.

“We have doubled the quantity of jobs we had over last year, and yet, if you were to observe production from a distance, you would see everyone just peacefully working along,” Patel said. “You would not see chaos, and I think working in a calm, nonchaotic environment is very important to everyone in general.”

Community development

The Patel brothers have a big picture vision that involves helping the community succeed, as well as the company. After sharing ideas and vision with the Plano Chamber of Commerce and Plano Economic Development Board over the last year, the co-owners successfully launched the Southeast Plano Business Alliance with neighboring companies.

“Plano is our home, and this community is very important to us,” Suresh Patel said. “We are working hard to make a difference here.”

He strongly believes in knowing the neighbors and working together to keep the community strong by keeping business in the community.

“Educating each other on our company’s products and services is step one, so we can help one another as opportunities arise,” he said. “There are a number of technology companies that complement one another in our Alliance. By banding together, we will clearly have an advantage on substantial opportunities with larger companies.”

According to Patel, taking the time to educate the chamber empowers them with the necessary knowledge to go out and market the Alliance companies, brand the community and help bring more customers into the community.

“In order to attract more potential customers to our community, our Alliance is looking at coordinating our landscaping to have a theme,” he said. “We are considering outdoor trails and sharing break areas for our employees and customers to enjoy as well. We are also addressing zoning, permitting and DART transportation, among other things, as a cohesive group of companies.”

The recently formed Youth Inspiration Program is a prime example of what a community can accomplish when it comes together. The goal of the program is to bring high school students into the technology park for a day at a time — showing them what each firm does.

“Our children truly are the future and as a technology park, we feel it is our responsibility to expose them to technology,” Patel said. “We would like to teach them some basic technology concepts on how things work from a broad view — to peak their curiosity.”

The hope is to open young minds to technology and its impact on the world.

“We would like to further the program with contests and events that challenge them,” he said. “This is just the start of the many great things to come from our Alliance for the betterment of the community.”

Staying focused

Especially during a tight economy, staying focused on the big picture and on developing long-term relationships is a key, Patel explained. “When problems arise, you don’t let them slow you down. As with any engineering process, you make adjustments and move on, rather than getting wrapped up in the little bumps along the way,” he said.

Diligence, hard work and attention to detail in every aspect of the business are essential, especially in today’s competitive market.

“We have also learned the significance of staying up-to-date and knowledgeable of our client’s roadmap,” Patel said. “This is critical to ensuring proper tools, equipment and people are in place and ready, as defined by the roadmap — otherwise, the future opportunities may pass you by.”

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