Sharing Simplified

Part of having the latest and greatest in technology is the ability to enjoy it with your friends, family, and business associates. However, sharing pictures or videos using the traditionally small screens of mobile devices can be a drag. Fortunately, the newest portable projectors present an intriguing solution. As truly powerful pocket-size, standalone units, mini projectors empower you to put on an impressive show with pictures, movies, and other video content  without the huge price tag. Below are a few of the best units available today.


Powerfully Portable

With a fully integrated multimedia player, the 6-ounce SP-H03 from Samsung is a self-contained personal media device designed to appeal to the tech-savvy. The 1GB of internal memory allows you to load content directly to the device without being tethered to a computer. And with seamless, built-in multimedia playback, the SP-H03 is ideal for easily sharing images, videos, music, and documents in a variety of settings. The solid-state LEDs and DLP (digital light processing) technology heighten performance with an ultrabright (30 lumens) picture up to 80 inches wide, ensuring that everyone enjoys the show. The SP-H03 features a 1-watt speaker for audio output, a headphone jack, and built-in document and media viewers, enabling PC-free projection of Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, movies, and images. $299,


Wireless Wonder

The 3M Pocket Projector MP180 comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly stream movies, photos, PowerPoint presentations, and other content directly to the projector from your laptop or smart phone. The MP180 offers brightness of 30 lumens and SVGA resolution, for a maximum image size of 80 inches wide in an appropriately lit room. You can preload media with the ample 4GB of internal memory, or take advantage of the MicroSD card slot to expand the memory if needed. Other notable features include an embedded touch-screen display, a tripod, and an LED lamp life of 20,000 hours. $395,


Always Ready

Keeping gadgets charged when you are on the road can be a challenge. But that’s not an issue with the FAVI E1-LED-PICOprojector, with its six-hour battery life and comprehensive international charger pack. The E1 projects images up to 80 inches wide and supports popular audio, video, and photo file formats. The projector connects to almost any video device, including DVD players, iPhones/iPods, media players, and even popular video game consoles. It features built-in speakers, a headphone jack, 1GB internal memory, and the ability to support SD memory cards. $297,


Staying Focused

Thanks to its patented display engine technology, Microvision’s SHOWWX requires no focus adjustment, allowing you to maintain crisp picture quality whether you are projecting images at the minimum 6-inch width or the maximum of 100 inches. The combination of laser light sources and Microvision’s tiny MEMS scanning mirror produces vivid, colorful, realistic images, and it weighs in at a mere 4.3 ounces. $499.99,

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